Supercapacitors for Defence & Aerospace


Supercapacitors have huge potential for customised Supercapacitor modules, to address a variety of power challenges. The unique characteristics of Supercapacitors which allow quick power delivery, superior low temperature operation and the ability to handle up to a million cycles, makes supercapacitor a strong case for various Military and Aerospace Applications listed as below : Applications:

  • Backup power for electronics in military vehicles
  • Backup power for fire control systems in tanks and armored vehicles
  • Backup power for airbag deployment
  • Backup power/memory hold-up emergency handheld radio
  • GPS guided missiles and projectiles
  • High power discharge for naval warfare
  • Cold engine start
  • Vehicle stabilizer: active suspension
  • Peak power: communication transmission
  • UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Radar: Pulse Power
  • Buss voltage hold-up during peak currents
  • Bridge power: switching from ground to on-board aircraft for data retention

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