National Brain storming session at C-MET Pune. Dated...21-04-2014
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    INDIA Vision 2020's...National Mission for Electric Mobility
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    Dignitaries on Dias from Left...Dr. Arghya Sardar (Scientist E TIFAC), Prof Prabhat Ranjan (E.D. TIFAC), Dr. V.K. Aatre (Former Scientific adviser to Defence Minister, DRDO Director General (R&D) Ministry of Defence), Dr. D.P. Amalnekar (E.D. C-MET), and Mr. Vilas Rabde
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    Presentation/Discourse by Rajendrakumar L Sharma (SPEL CMD) on Supercapacitor Manufacturing @ NMEM
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    Expression of Views/Comments by Mr. Vilas Rabde

First National Brainstorming Session on Supercapacitor was held at C-MET Pune organised jointly by C-MET and TIFAC (Government Of India). This was in context with INDIA Vision 2020's National Mission for Electric Mobility. This Session was Co-ordinated by Mr. Vilas Rabde.

Inauguration was done by Dr. V.K. Aatre (Former Scientific adviser to Defence Minister, DRDO Director General (R&D) Ministry of Defence. Others Present were Dr. D.P. Amalnekar (E.D. C-MET), Prof Prabhat Ranjan (E.D. TIFAC), Dr. Arghya Sardar (Scientist E TIFAC), Dr. Arun jaura, Dr. Udpikar (DEMA).

Presentation regarding required specifications were presented by Tata Motors, Mahindra Reva, KPIT, Panva Engineering, Mrs. Shubhangi Chiplonkar

Supercapacitors and its applications in xEV presentation sesion was discoursed by Mr. R.P. Deshpande, Mr. D.Y. Vernekar(CEEPL, Pune), Mr. Amit Raje (Aartech Bhopal), and Mr. Rajendrakumar Sharma (SPEL Pune)

Materials for Supercapacitor session presentation was given by Dr. N.C. Pramanik(C-MET Thrissur), Dr. Satish Ogale (NCL Pune), Prof. P. Pramanik (IIT-Kharagpur), Dr. Suvarna Datar (DIAT), Dr. Prashant Kulkarni (DIAT), Dr. A Seema (C-MET Thrissur), and Dr. Bharat B Kale (C-MET, Pune)

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    SPEL-Supercapacitor Demo on TATA Safari at C-MET Pune on 21-04-2014
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    During Demo..from Left...Mr. R.P. Deshpande, Dr. V.K. Aatre, Dr. D.P. Amalnekar, and Mrs. Shubhangi Chiplonkar
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    Surya R Sharma(SPEL) Answering Quries during Demo
  • Demo_AAADemo_AAA
    Rajendrakumar L Sharma(CMD-SPEL) interacting during Demo

During this session all present also witnessed live demo of Cranking TATA Safari Engine with SPEL-Supercapacitor instead of regular Battery.

Final Conclusion at this session was ...........It is high time India needs it's own SUPERCAPACITOR in National Interest.

SPEL's Supercapacitor demo at NCL Pune. Dated...25-01-2014
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    During the meeting in National Chemical Labortary (NCL) regarding development of Supercapacitor and its Raw-material. Photograph in left is Dr. Satishchandra Ogale interacting with Rajendrakumar L Sharma (CMD SPEL) during Demo of SPEL-Supercapacitor, other young scientists are also seen in this photograph. In second photograph starting from left Rajendrakumar L Sharma, Mr. Ravi Pandit (Chairman KPIT), Dr. P.B. Karandikar (AIT), Mr. Tagare (Chairman Madhav Capacitors), Mr. Vilas Rabade, Dr. Satish Ogale, Mr. Vernekar (Cheda Industries).
  • Seminar on Future Energy at MCCIA Pune. Dated...27-10-2013
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    A State Level Seminar on Future Energy was organised by Asian College and Pune University jointly on 27-10-2013 at Maratha Chambers of Commerce Industries and Agriculture Pune. Moments captured during session shows from left Rajendrakumar L Sharma(CMD. SPEL), Dr. Bharat Kale (Scientist C-MET), Dr. D.P. Amalnekar (Scientist & Executive Director C-MET), Dr, S.I. Patil (University of Pune Technology Head & HOD Physics), Dr. S. Sravanvel (C.G.M. Nabard). The Other photograph is during discourse on Future Energy by Rajendrakumar L Sharma(CMD. SPEL)
  • Cranking of TATA Safari with SPEL Supercapacitor in place Original Battery. Dated... 23-06-2013
    image0 (9K);image0 (9K);image0 (9K);image0 (9K); Momemts captured on 23-06-2013 during visit of Mr. Vilas Rabade(Co-ordinating- TIFAC) to witness Demo of SPEL-Supercapacitor in SUV Engine Cranking application in place of Battery.
    National Organisation for Commerce and Industry Award Function/Seminar at Mumbai. Dated...31.11.2012
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    Rajendrakumar L Sharma receiving "RASHTRIYA UDYOG RATNA AWARD" t hands of noted film Artist Mr. Ajinkya Deo conferred by National Organisation for Commerce and Industry. During this seminar SPEL was also selected for "TIMES QUALITY BRANDs OF INDIA" Award 2012-14.
    AT Baramati Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Baramati, Dist. Pune. Dated...30-01-2005
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    Appreciation at Hands of Shri Ajitdada Pawar(Minister of state Irrigation,Government of Maharashtra) at Baramati Chambers of Commerce and Industries on 30-01-2005.
    At New Delhi. Dated...22.05.1996
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    Rajendrakumar L Sharma receiving "VIJAYA SHREE AWARD" at hands of Hon. Shri Mata Prasad(Governor Himachal Pradesh), accompanied by Hon.Satyanaryan Reddy(Governor Uttar Pradesh) during a National Seminar in New Delhi on 22-05-1996