• SPEL Supercapacitor Calculator

    SPEL offers wide selection range of Supercapacitors ranging from single cells to modules of voltage upto 190VDC for various applications. In order to size the appropriate Supercapacitor capacity for any application, we need to be clear on following parameters
  • Maximum Charged Voltage (Vmax), if different from Working Voltage then also (Vw)
  • Minimum permisble load Voltage (Vmin)
  • Required Current (I)
  • Desired Backup time (t)
  • Duty Cycle
  • Average Operating Temperature
  • The last two parameters are used to determine the life degradation factor which is not discussed here but it's consideration is desired. Below provided calculator is an attempt and guide to assist user to determine exact capacity/value of Supercapacitor for his desired application.

    Supercapacitor Calculator

    Enter Rated working Voltage (VDCmax):  

    Enter Required Current (AMPERE):


    Enter Minimum Voltage (VDCmin):


    Enter Required Back-up time (SECONDS):


    Required Supercapacitor in FARADS

    Resultant Impedance in OHMS

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