SPEL manufactuers wide range of Mfd-Capacitors for use in Fans, Motors, Washing-machines, Air-conditioners, Kitchen-chimney, Lighting-Fixtures, etc. The range of Mfd-Capacitors manufactured by SPEL comes in various construction as per need of customer, and applications. Construction features Polymeric cans cyclindrical and Square, Aluminum Cans (Cyclindrical & Oval), M.S. Cans, with wide range of terminations and safety features as per requirement. Application wise these range of Mfd-Capacitors are classified, and manufactured confirming to required National and International Standards.

AC Capacitors for Fans, Motors, & General applications

Capacitors in accordance to IEC/EN 60252-1, IEC/EN 61048: 2006, IEC/EN 61049 for Vrms-max 1000 Volts, 50/60 HZ for Fans, Motors, Lighting, and other Genral applications.

PFC KVAr Single & Three Phase Capacitors

Single and Three Phase ranging from 0.5 KVAr to 25 KVAr upto 600 VAC, 50/60 Hz., in accordance to IEC60831 and ISS:13340., with Over-pressure protection.

Ultra Low ESR Capacitors for critical applications

Ultra Low ESR, Low Inductance Capacitors for Harmonic Filters, critical high current application upto Vmax-rms 1400 Volts,Power Electronics application upto 2500 VDC, with Over-pressure protection


NPCB, PU-Solid/Gel/Gas-fiiled Construction

NPCB impregnant features PU encapsulation for Normal, Jelly filled for Heavy Duty, Gas filled for Ultra heavy duty.

Explosion Proof feature

This Safety feature design by way Over-pressure disconnector. In case of prematured failure, this features disconnects capacitor from source line, and prevents futher damage to surrounding.

Self Healing

This design enables Capacitor to clear off any minor faults pertaining electrodes internal shorts circuits during service life by itself.

Ultra Low ESR

This is SPEL's Proprietory featuered design with lowest ESR in it's class. This Capacitor design is capable of handing 5 times the rated Current, and is suitable for most critical applications.

Low tan-d losses

This Low loss design features internal losses of less than 0.1 watts per KVAr for Ultra Low ESR, bringing the lead current to almost 90 degree shift. Best suitable for Inductive Lag current application.

High Current Capacity

Ultra Low ESR series SPEL capacitors can handle 5 times the rated current with max 1degre rise in temperature over ambient temperature.

Metallized Polymer Film Capacitor Range

SPEL with over 32 years of experience is a leading manufacturer of high-reliability Metallized Polymer Film capacitors backed by strong In-house R & D