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Technology Leadership

SPEL is a Technology driven entity engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Capaacitors since 1992. SPEL has in-house strong Research and Development activity, SPEL is known for developing special purpose Capacitors for almost all applications. SPEL is leader in "Ultra Low ESR" technolgy based Capacitors for use in Harmonics environmemt. SPEL was first to introduce Ploymer film capacitors in Box type for A.C. applications, In late 90s SPEL introduced Polymer Film based Capacitors for A.C. Motor starting applications to replace Electrolytic design. At SPEL we have developed Concept of SmartKvar for Energy saving and Harmonic mitigation applications.SPEL is pioneer in providing effective Harmonic Filters, and Power Quality Solutions.

SPEL Leads the path for development of indeginous "Supercapacitor" in India. SPEL is pioneer in Supercapacitor(Ultracapacitor) in India, with self developed technical knowhow, and so manufactured Supercapacitors have been subjected to various tests to confirm reliability , stability, and performance for last 3 years(since 2011).

SPEL's technical expertise in Supercapacitor has been acknowledged by various prestigeous Government of India's Research Organisations.