Supercapacitors for Industrial Application


In Heavy Industries and large warehouse heavy handling equipment regularly faces limitations due to battery failure.This maintenance more precisely replacing of Batteries is costly and loss of time and man hours. Supercapacitors can supplement batteries in heavy equipment by easing stress on battery packs. They absorb energy during equipment movement and rapidly deliver that energy on demand to supplement the main power system. Two important functions of Supercapacitors in industrial and manufacturing applications are regenerative power and peak assist.

Regenerative power:
Supercapacitors absorb and store energy during movement, then apply that energy when the machine requires a sudden burst of power. High-strain activities such as lifting and hoisting increase fuel consumption and emissions in heavy duty equipment. With an Supercapacitor-based systems like... forklifts, cranes, mining shovels, and other industrial-scale equipment can capture and reuse regenerative energy, reducing fuel use and its accompanying emissions.
Peak assist:
Supercapacitors can deliver a surge of power on demand according to the needs of the equipment, they can handle peak power demands, reducing stress on the primary energy source. For example, a forklift powered by a fuel cell can use Supercapacitors to generate enough power for heavy lifting tasks. Industrial equipment that uses diesel power can implement supercapacitors to handle peak power demands, reducing fuel consumption and engine size. Supercapacitor's regenerative power and peak assist capabilities provide multiple environmental and financial benefits to users in industrial applications. They supplement the machinery’s existing electrical system, extending equipment life and lengthening intervals between battery replacements. This reduces downtime and costs due to maintenance. The regenerative energy that ultracapacitors store from equipment movements for later use can be seen as recycled energy since it is stored and then reused to assist power demands, reducing fuel consumption and its associated emissions. The cost of Supercapacitor modules in industrial applications is duly compensated by the enhanced durability, consistency, and productivity they offer as an addition to existing battery-powered systems.


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